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[jSRO] Party Play Guide

Hier mal ein PT Guide, so wie es tatsächlich in jsro praktiziert wird. Ich erinnere mich noch an die Diskussionen zu den PT Setups hier im Forum. Dachte mir, ich kopier einfach mal den Guide aus dem jsro Gildenforum hier rein. Ist eventuell für den ein oder anderes interessant oder mal von Nutzen. Der Guide ist auf Englisch, aber das sollte eigentlich kein Problem darstellen.

Party Setups:

The standard setup looks like this:

  • Warrior / 2x Cleric / 3x WIZ / Lurer (Rogue, China or Warlock) / Bard → used until Level 90
  • Warrior / Cleric / 3x Damage / 2x Lurer (Rogue, China or Warlock) / Bard → used from Level 90 on (Alexandria areas)

However, depending on the situation, members and mobs, different setups are useful too:

  • if more lure is required:
    Warrior / Cleric / 3x WIZ / 2x Lurer / Bard

  • Setup with 2 bards:
    Warrior / Cleric / 3x WIZ / Lurer / 2x Bards

  • High dmg output:
    Warrior / Cleric / 4x WIZ / Lurer / Bard

  • with more CHN chars:
    Cleric / 2x Bard / 2x WIZ / 2x CHN / Lurer

Here an example (both from a ranged WIZ point of view):

PT at Lv 72 mobs:

PT at 109/110 mobs:

Warrior (wori - ヲリ):

The warrior is a buffer and tanker in the PT.
He is responsible for protecting the Wizards and Bards from the mobs. It's important to always use 1h/Shield. He mainly will stay near the cleric (don't run around!) and use skills like

  • Taunting Target,

  • Howling Shout and

  • Sprint Assault to get the mobs which are close at the Wizards or Bards.

  • Shield Trash can be useful for knocking a mob back into the killing center at the cleric.

  • Vital Increase to increase your HP and Aggro.

Let's come to the most important part of a Warrior - the buffing:

  • Pain Quota (PQ) - give it to both Clerics

  • Physical/Magical Fence (PG/MG) - give it to the Lurer and to the lowest WIZ

  • Protect - give it to the two WIZ with highest damage


From Alexandria PTs it is common to use 1 Cleric and 2 Lurers. Then the buff distribution looks like this: Pain Quota to Cleric and 壁WIZ (highest Lv Wizard using Ground Rave), Fences to both Lurers and Protect goes to the Wizards with ranged attacks.

Cleric (kure - クレ):

The cleric is the healer and main tank of the party. In this Silkroad version two clerics in a party is very common (until Level 90). The reason for that is better aggro management of the mobs (due to more heals and Warrior's Protect still is low) and for every member of the party it's possible to get following cleric buffs (Each cleric has to give buffs to the other one.):
  • STR - to Warrior, kabe WIZ and both lurers
  • INT - to the 3 Damagedealers and Bard or Warlock lurer.

The clerics basically spam their heals in order to get the aggro of the mobs. Use all the group heals possible (even the lower book ones as cooldown is not linked and you draw better aggro):

  • Healing Cycle or Healing Orbit will be needed too.

Both clerics stay in one fixed location close together to center all the mobs in one spot ( -> the damage of Wizards will reveal it's full potential). So don't move around, just stay and cast healings. Don't forget to regularly cast skills like:

  • Holy Spell,

  • Recovery Division and

  • defence buffs to your PT members.

  • Bless Spell usually is not needed with two clerics but it can be useful in situations when you need to handle loads of mobs.

Wizard (WIZ, karyoku - 火力):

The Wizards are the firepower of a party, they can deal great damage. However there are some things to care about when playing Wizard in a PT.

The most important thing: Keep maximum distance to the clerics!

  • Life Turnover (LTO) is used to increase your damage even further.

In order to have a high kill rate, make sure to use AoE attacks permanently (possible from Lv 60 on). In detail use:

  • Meteor

  • Earth Quake

  • Blizzard

  • Chain Lightning

  • Ground Rave is used when you play 壁WIZ (=a higher Lv Wizard who can tank some mobs and therefore playing close to the cleric).

It's important to attack the mobs around the clerics only. It can happen that mobs are spawning near by you. Just ignore them, they will either be caught by the cleric or warrior.

  • Charged Wind can be useful to knock back mobs into the center of the clerics.

  • Teleport skill can be useful to get a higher distance to the clerics again.

  • Earth Barrier (EB) should be used when ever you can to increase the PT's survivability.

Lurer (turi - 釣り):

For luring monsters, rogues or chinese characters are used. When you are a rogue use

  • Fast Shot to constantly bring monsters to the party. Make sure to get into the healing range of the clerics so the aggro will be caught by them.

Try to have atleast 5 mobs all the time around the clerics. You will need many bolts.

Chinese characters will lure with a bow or Lion Shout. As chinese you should give some members your PQ (to Warrior and/or Wiz). In some cases chinese can take two roles: lurer and damage dealer (nukers mainly).

Warlock (woro - ヲロ):

The Warlock mainly acts as lurer and dmg supporter in the PT. From Alexandria on it is very common to use Warlocks as lurers in the PT.

  • Scream Mask

Use this skill on the Cleric and Warrior, so it is easier for them to handle the mobs.

For increasing the PT's dmg and to lure, use the so-called "debuffs":

  • Magical Raze

  • Combat Raze

  • Courage Raze

These skills have an AoE-version too, which you may can use from time to time to help out increasing the Wizard's attack power. Furthermore you should use DoTs from time to time. This will help your PT to generate Berserker faster. Try to use the AoE-DoTs:

Bard (ba-do - バード):

The bard is responsible for keeping up the MP of the PT members by using skills like:

  • Mana Cycle/Orbit.

Don't forget to cast skills like these regularly:

  • Moving Speed

  • Noise

As bard you will use tambours to increase the PTs defence and Dance for increasing the magical damage:

  • Guard Tambour for mobs with physical attacks.

  • Mana Tambour for mobs with magical attacks.

  • Dance of Wizardry to increase magical dmg of the PT.

Before joining a PT:

If you found a PT in PTM, the first step is to apply for a position in the PT. Therefore PM the PT Leader:

Party join request: (Example: A=PT master, B=PT requesting player)
B: I’m 102 warr/cler can I join? (102worikureiidesuka?) 102ヲリクレいいですか?
A: Party request acception (douzo/ dozo/hai/one) どうぞ/どぞ/はい/おね
B: Thanks for acception (aridesu) ありです

In a PT:

After you entered a PT you will greet the PT members, do the same when other players join the PT:
Welcome/Nice to meet you (yoro or yoroshiku or yoroshikudesu) - よろ、よろしく、よろしくです

Once the PT filled, the PTL will write the position of every member in the PT chat. After that the PT will agree on a time when it ends.

PT until 19:30 ok? 19ji30bunmadedekisuka? 19時30分までできすか?
1 hour is ok 1jikanokdesu 1時間おkです
How long will PT last? itsumade? 何時まで?
PT will last until 19:00 Uhr 19:00ji madedesu ne 19:00時までですね

When the PT ends:

5min left @5分
end in 5min 5bun de owarimasu 5分で終わります
stop lure turi teishi 約り停止

When you are at safe spot again, say good bye to the PT members:

good job otsu/otsukaresamadesu おつー/お疲れ様です
thanks for PT PTarideshita PTありでした
see you matayoroshikudesu またよろしくです
Valkiria ・ Lv 130 ・ jSRO

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