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Myrith | Cap 90 | CHN | Oldschool Gameplay | Grand Opening 26.06.2016

Zitat von »Aouli;34722331«

[img]expandable: 1[/img]
Bored of the traditional servers, offbeat and abnormal edits that make you feel bored? Then this is certainly your place!
It was really hard to reach the perfection required to make everyone satisfied about a decent game-play, we were also thinking how a normal player would think while making this server, that's how it became more interesting to design, edit and test everything. And it seems that many people worry about donations, so we wanted to make this point clear, we made a server before (Pyramus Online) we reached 200 Online Players in the first week, but the server had a few problems, the Admins weren't really active and we weren't satisfied with what happened , and some of you guys asked to donate but we never accepted any donations! The server was online for (2) months without getting any donations from anyone. However, we paid more attention to this project, we really wanted to reach the perfection anybody would want and we want you to participate, It will be our pleasure to see you all in Myrith!

[img]expandable: 1[/img]

[img]expandable: 1[/img]

In Game Info|Value
Level Cap |90
Races|Chinese Only
Fortresses | Jangan
Guild Limit |32
Union Limit |2
Battle Arena | Enabled
CTF | Disabled
Magic POP | Disabled
Silk per Hour|2 Silk per Hour, Lv85 Required
Sox Type|9D SoS & SoM
EXP Rate|15x
Party EXP Rate|20x
Alchemy Rate|1x
Job Rate|3x
Gold Drop Rate|5x
Auto Equip|Until 8th Degree
PC Limit|2
Max Plus|12

[img]expandable: 1[/img]
Skill Point|300,000
Gold | 500,000
HP Bag |1000
MP Bag |1000
Reverse scroll | 10
Return Scroll | 50
Inventory Page | 3
Speed Drug|10
Pick Pet|3 Days
Avatar Dress|1x Tuxedo
Avatar Hat|1x Tuxedo

[img]expandable: 1[/img]
[img]expandable: 1[/img]
Since we managed to make a balanced old-school server, we've edited the stats of the following items and removed some items which we found may be an obstruction in the server, here's a list with the changelog.

º Resurrection Scroll| Disabled
º Sox Items| ( SoS = 85 +1 , SoM = 85+2 )
º Damage Scrolls| Removed from Item Mall
º Devil’s Damage| Decreased to 5%
º Goods Stack| Changed to 600 Instead of 40
º Trade COS| Changed to 7 slots Instead of 5 Pages
º Global Chat| Level 80 Required to Use
º Job Points| Daily Limit Set to 50
º Reverse Scrolls| Disabled During Jobbing
º Sall & Exchange| Delay Added

º Job Experience| Increased Everyday at 6:00 PM & 10:00 PM for 30 Minutes
º Advanced Elixir| Disabled
º Honor Buff| Disabled


[img]expandable: 1[/img]

I want to explain something before we start talking about our features.
The System of the game is job-based, however, it’s also based on unique hunting, that means if you're a Unique addict, you will be able to spend your time collecting precious items, also if you’re someone who’s great at business that loves collecting gold and decent items, our game will allow you to do that! The system is based on the players’ volition, we guarantee that you will be having fun here!

º Automatic Equipment.
We won't have to talk much about this, because you guys already know it, and it has also been released thousands of times on many other servers, it works when you level up, your equipment will automatically be pimped to the level you've reached with full blue, 41% stats and plus 3.
[GALLERY=title: Auto Equipment]
[*]image: DtQ3d.png
º Wanted System.
Now, you can earn a special [WANTED] tag added to your job name after having a Kill Streak of 20 without dying during your job activity.
When you become wanted you get 50 arena coins as a reward, which will be shown in a notice, but in return, you will become a target for anyone who wants to get extra arena coins.
When anybody kills the wanted player, they get 60 arena coins, not only 1 as usual.
If you die while you're wanted, you will lose the name tag, and you will lose your kill streak, which means that you’ll have to start from scratch again.

º Job Kills.

You can obtain Arena Coins by killing other jobbers, for example, if you are a thief, every time you kill a trader or a hunter, you’re going to get 1 Arena Coin, but you’ll have to wait for an hour before trying to kill the same player again, or else, you won't get any coins from them.


º Job Suits Modification.
We thought of something really cool, which would interest you and draw everyone’s attention towards jobbing, which is adding skills to all of the job suits, we really think that this is going to be a great idea, and each level you gain while jobbing (1 to 7) you’re going to find a great collection of suits to suit your job level and taste in return, each job suit has its unique skills. And remember, all job suits have different skills.

- How To Activate The Skills.
-Equip your suit and right click on the icon thus, skills will be shown.
[GALLERY=title: Job Suits]
[*]image: D3G6g.png
[*]image: Gne2f.png
[*]image: QLdXe.png

º Donwhang Cave Modification.
We made Donwhang cave available for jobbers only, which means that you have to put a job suit on to get inside, we also replaced the old mobs with new strong mobs with precious drops, such as Seal of Star items and Ice Trophies, you will know what do with that in a moment.
[GALLERY=title: Donwhang Cave ][*]image: Fp1Eb.jpg
[*]image: huDKb.jpg[/GALLERY]

-After entering Donwhang cave, you will notice that there's a teleporter inside of it, well, that's the entrance to Medusa, which appears 4 times a day and also has a lot of marvelous, useful and worthy drops, which are 10 Immortal Stones, 10 Astral Stones, 10 Reverse Return Scrolls, 10 Global Chats and 1 Gold Coin, which equals 1,000,000,000(1B) Gold. You won’t regret it, as it’s worth your time!

[GALLERY=title: Medusa ][*]image: AFiif.jpg
[*]image: L7N7g.jpg
[*]image: 0TNcc.jpg[/GALLERY]

º Achievement System.
-One of the best things that we've done in the server, the Achievement System gives you great passive buffs, whether it’s Intelligence, Strength, Magical and Physical Defense/Absorption , it’s a new mastery which you can unlock by using Achievement Scrolls, we will explain how to get them now.
-You can find an NPC near the guild manager at Donwhang , you’re going to get a quest from him asking you to collect 50 Ice Trophies. *DON'T BRING MORE THAN 50 ICE TROPHIES OR YOU WILL LOSE THEM! * after finishing the quest, deliver it and you will be rewarded with a normal Achievement Scroll, it’s going to be random, and it could be any of the 9 skills, each skill needs 5 scrolls to be maxed, and notice that the scroll can be used at level 90 only!
[GALLERY=title: Achievement Mastery ][*]image: nGT5d.jpg
[*]image: SFVwh.jpg
[*]image: sYeVe.jpg
[*]image: V6phh.jpg
[*]image: kTAwb.jpg[/GALLERY]
-Not just that! After completing all of the achievements, the system will reward you with a really cool buff that you can show off!
[GALLERY=title: Achievement Buff ][*]image: NwJBf.jpg[/GALLERY]

º Alchemy Legend.
As for the players whom like Alchemy, we didn't forget you. We made a new point system which calculates all the points you’ve gained and then it gives you a title when you achieve the amount of points required to earn it. If another player got a higher score than your own, they’re going to snatch the title off you and your points will be reset to 0, now let’s see how we’re going to distribute the points!

6 |4
9 |8
10 |10
11 |12
12 |14

After earning 1000 points, the Bot is going to announce your name in a Global chat and you will receive our special Alchemy Freak title.

º Anti Cheat System
There’s no doubt that no one wants to play a server with a lot of buggers and exploiters, so we've added a passive buff to remind everyone wearing a job suit that everything they're doing is recorded by our security, so don't try to break the rules, because then your efforts are all going to go in vain and you’re going to get banned. Jobbing cheats will make you lose all your Silk, Job Points and Arena Coins. Your name will also be written in a Notice announcing that you’re a cheater! You’re a cheater, Billy! Oh yeah, you’re a god dammit cheater, boy!11!1!!1 Exposed 2k16!!1111!11! No seriously, y u cheat u lil’ twat?? Always put in mind that we’re watching you with our pedophilic creepy perverted eyes!


º Upgrade System.
Unlike other servers, we managed to make all items valuable, so we've decided to make the upgrade thing work from SoS to SoM, which means that every Seal of Star item is now valuable.
-The upgrade scroll works when you have a +7 Seal of Star item. You have to buy the upgrade scroll, put the item in the first slot of your inventory, and then right click it. Then, it’s going to automatically teleport you back to town and you will receive your new SoM item when it does.
-There is one scroll for each equipment type, one for weapon, one for your set, one for your shield and one for your accessory, and it's also kind of challenging to get them. You guys don't need a short term server, so show us what you’re made of!
[GALLERY=title: Upgrade System][*]image: 5O6qh.jpg
[*]image: OZ2Sb.jpg
[*]image: gd8Xb.jpg[/GALLERY]

[img]expandable: 1[/img]
Okay, we are on the interesting side of the topic, the Uniques in Myrith aren’t like the Uniques of any other server! They’re one of the most interesting and important sides of Silkroad Online, we've modified all Uniques and added STR Uniques to balance INT & STR characters, and give both of them the same chance to own the server!

-Uniques Reward.

Unique Name|Silk Amount
Tiger Girl (INT-STR)|5
Cerberus (INT-STR)|6
Captain Ivy (INT-STR) | 7
Uruchi (INT-STR)|8
Isyutaru (INT-STR)|9
Lord Yarkan (INT-STR) | 10
Demon Shaitan (INT-STR) | 12

Not only silk, after killing a unique you will receive a title, if you want to keep it, you’ll have to kill the unique again, if another player kills the unique, he will snatch the title off you. So, take care!

[img]expandable: 1[/img]
What's the purpose of Online Events? Well, we know that many of you guys play just for fun, or let's say that you can't/don’t want to pay money for a private server, we’re not going to disagree here, and you’re all free to do whatever you want, whether you want to donate or not, it’s up to you. These events will help everyone get free silk, it's not pay to win anymore, and we added 5 events that suit everyone.

º Job War Event.

It’s very simple; all you have to do is teleport to the Job War area when the event commences.
When you teleport to the Job War area, you’ll have to equip your job suit first, then start killing everyone in the arena , you can only kill every player just twice, you will gain 2 Job Points for every thief you kill, 1 Job Point for Traders and Hunters. The more participants, the more Job Points you can get. The point limit is 200 Job Points; you won't get any points after that.


º PvP War Event.

It’s very simple too; all you have to do is to teleport to the PvP War Area when the event commences.
It starts at Donwhang South, you have to equip your cape first, and then start killing everyone, you can only kill every player just twice, and you will gain 1 Arena Coin for each kill. The more the participants, the more Arena Coins you can get. The coin limit is 150 Arena Coins; you won't get any coins after that.


º Alchemy Event.

The Bot will announce that the event has begun, then it’s going to drop normal +7 items near Donwhang storage, your goal is to make one item +9. The first one to achieve that goal will be rewarded with 30 Silk.

º Trivia Event.

As the title says, the trivia event is easy; the Bot will ask a question in a Global chat, you have to answer it in a Private Message. The first one to answer it correctly will be rewarded with 20 silk, keep in mind that you can only win once a day in order to give everyone a chance to win. Cruel, isn’t it? Lmao

º Re-arrange Event.

As the title says, the re-arrange event is easy; the Bot will ask you to re-arrange a scrambled word in a Global chat, and you have to unscramble it in a Private Message. The first one to answer it correctly will be rewarded with 20 silk, keep in mind that you can only win once a day to give everyone a chance to win. Cruel#2

º Top 100 Level Reward.

To make it a bit challenging for participating in the grand opening, we've added a reward for the first 100 players to reach Level 90.


pick pet|28 Day
Devil extension | 28 Day

[img]expandable: 1[/img]
º Signature event

-It's simple, by using this image as your signature, you will receive 50 silk from us, and you have to write your IGN (In Game Name) in order to receive your silk.
-Keep in mind that you cannot receive silk with a newly created EPvP account, your account must be created before June 2016.


[img]expandable: 1[/img]

º Facebook Share Event.

-We'll be making a sharing contest every weekend, in order to participate, you’ll have to write a comment with your IGN, share the post and make sure that it’s privacy is set to public, tag 4 of your friends, and we will choose 5 winners to win 250 silk, the results will be announced in a Facebook post.

[img]expandable: 1[/img]

º Search for Players using their Name.
º Search for Guild using their Name.
º Forgot Password.
º Change Password.
º Amount of Job Points owned.
º Top Players.
º Top Guilds.
º Top Jobbers.
º Latest Unique Kill (SOON)

[GALLERY=title: Website Features]
[*]image: W8UXg.jpg
[*]image: O24Fe.jpg
[*]image: 3BcHh.jpg
[*]image: 1mGlh.jpg
[img]expandable: 1[/img]
The opening date is a time matter for many players, and that's because the latitude and longitude on the mother earth. we had to make a tough decision about the exact hour to be suitable for everyone.The official launch will be in 26th of June at 8:00 PM GMT +2.

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