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Freitag, 8. Dezember 2017, 22:33

NGE Silkroad | EU & CHN | 110 CAP | Party & Teamplay | PVP

Note: I'm not the owner of this server. I just help promoting it.

NGE Silkroad

※ Introduction:

NGE Silkroad Online is a non-profit, free-to-play private server with a focus on team-play-activities. It offers a gaming environment for both casual and hardcore players. This server is promoting team-play and group activities in PvP (Battle Arena, Job Temple) and PvE (Forgotten World, holy Water Temple).


With a starting Level of 110 players immediately can participate in PvP activities like Battle Arena. This concept makes you “reward-for-kill” and “catch up” problems forget.

※ Information:

Cap: 110
Starting Level: Lv 110
Silk: Free 50,000 silk on each character
Race: EU & CHN
EXP/SP rate: x20
Gold Drop rate: x1
Item Drop rate: custom
closed regions: Samarkand & Constantinople
main features: Battle Arena, Forgotten World, Job Temple

※ Starter items (character-bound):

• 10M Skill Points
• Grab pet (28 days)
• Devil Spirit (28 days)
• Premium Ticket (7 days)
• Speed potions (50 pieces)
• Beginner Return Scroll (50 pieces)
• 11th degree equipment full blue +5 from NPC in Jangan

※ Gears & Equipment:

For 11th degree there are the 3 known types of equipments: normal items, Seal of Nova and Seal of Nova Egypt. The following information show on how equipment can be gained.

※ Item Mall:

Item Mall supply is heavily reduced. There won’t be any pay2win items such as Magic pop cards (only obtainable via BA), HP/MP Increase Scrolls or damage scrolls anymore. On top, Immortal Stones got removed to keep BA active and make alchemy more risky:

• D11 Immortal Stones → removed completely.
• Magic Pop Cards → from Battle Arena only.
• Reverse Return scrolls → moved to Grocery NPC for gold.
• Instant Return Scrolls → moved to Grocery NPC for gold.
• Ressurrection Scrolls → moved to Grocery NPC for gold.
• Global Chat → moved to Grocery NPC for gold.
• HP/MP Increase scrolls → from Battle Arena only.
• Damage scrolls → removed completely.
• Premium → Stats removed except for alchemy luck increase.

Grocery NPC in Jangan is providing players with some useful items:

Avatars got removed from item mall and added to “Item Mall Avatar NPC” in Hotan city.

※ Battle Arena:

Battle Arena is one of the main activities in the server to promote team-play and group activities. Battle Arena will regularly take place every 30 minutes with a duration of 20 minutes.


Arena types: random matching & party arena
• Random matching arena (8v8): Players apply individually and randomly are divided into 2 teams upon the start. The scale of the battle is by default 8v8 with a minimum of 4v4.
• Party arena (4v4): Players gather in an item-/exp-free-for-all (!) party with the party leader making the registration. This type is limited to 4v4 party battles with a minimum of 2v2.

[size=85]Important: A item-free-for-all-party is required to ensure the team is limited to 4 players only.[/size]

Players are rewarded with Arena Coins according to their team’s result. There is a limit of 50 Arena coins per day. Arena coins and rewards are account-bound to prevent abuse.


※ Magic Pop:

For playing Magic pop, a Magic Pop Card is required. Magic Pop cards only can be bought from Arena Item Manager in Hotan. 1 Magic Pop Cards costs 10 Arena coins.

Following account-bound items can be won:

※ Forgotten World:

Forgotten World dungeon provides players with Seal of Nova equipment and encourages teamplay. With 4 different grades it offers players the possibility to either go alone, with a small group or a complete party. It provides flexibility and gives everyone the chance to gain his equipment without worrying about reward-for-kill.

Dimension Holes can be gained as drops or bought from NPC in town for a small fee.
Completing the talisman collection will be rewarded with a 11th degree Egypt weapon of your choice.

The small uniques have a chance of dropping valuable items such as Socket stones and Advanced Elixiers. Besides talismans, the final bosses in Shipwreck drop 11th degree Seal of Nova equipment and Egypt A weapons.

Daily Quests:
Players can get additional rewards (Arena coins) for completing a repeatable quest during Forgotten World dungeon. The quests is available for ★3 & ★4 grade difficulty. Please speak to NPC Doctor Renenutet in Alexandria south.

※ Job Temple:

Job Temple is an PvE and PvP area that only can entered when wearing a job suit. Thieves and Hunters enter from different locations.

Inside the temple there are monsters and in specific times uniques.

Selket, Neith, Anubis and Isis rooms can be entered by every job, both from hunters and thieves. To make Hareoris appear for either Hunters or Thieves, players need to gather AP-points. AP points are gained from a quest line for the uniques. Talking to Job Union Representative NPC players can start quests for the uniques. Hitting the unique once is enough to make the quests work. So every player that is participating in killing the unique will be rewarded equally. The quests will give BA coins and AP points. The uniques will drop 11th degree Seal of Nova Egypt weapons & shield and 11th degree Seal of Nova equipment.
The fraction that killed the unique will be rewarded with AP points and will be able to enter Hareoris unique’s room.
Note: Job can be changed anytime with job changing scrolls at Grocery NPC. That way every player can take part in unique killing.

※ Triangular Conflict (Job System):

The Job system is as players are used to it. With one exception: the job can be changed anytime by using a scrolls from Grocery NPC. There are no penalties when changing the job and your job EXP is not lost. For every job (hunter, trader, thief), you will need to create an alias (job name). However, the alias will stay once you picked it for each job.
The job system’s main purpose is to have fun and to gain gold. The transport COS for trading will change their HP depending on the character’s level.

※ Alchemy:

Item plusing:
Alchemy is working as original. However there is a +ing limit of +10 (with advanced elixier) for non-sealed items. Limit is +12 for Shield and Weapons. Sealed items have no +ing limit.

Immortal Stones:
Important: Immortal stones completely got removed. They can NOT be gained, neither from Item Mall nor from ingame activities. Thus plusing items above +5 can be risky.

Elixiers are obtained by hunting monsters in the open world or inside dungeons.

Advanced Elixiers:
Normal Advanced Elixiers can be obtained as drops from Forgotten World and Holy Water Beginner temple. Sealed Advanced Elixiers can be obtained as drops from Forgotten World 3* & 4* and Holy Water Temple Intermediate & Advanced dungeon.

Magic Stones:
Magic stones are obtained by hunting monsters in the open world or inside dungeons. Drop rate is increased to make sure players can have competitive equipment in a reasonable amount of time.

Socket Stones:
Socket stones are dropped inside Forgotten World dungeon. When adding Socket stones to items, they will be Max. Lv.

※ Skill Balance:

Many skills got adjusted to R-version of Silkroad as it is well balanced there. A few more skill changes got implemented. A complete list of skill changes you find here.

※ European:

※ Chinese:

Valkiria ・ Lv 130 ・ jSRO

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